Solar Lighting Tower

A new generation of high-performance lighting tower
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Solar Lighting Tower

Our innovative Solar Lighting Tower is visually as bright, effective and compact as conventional diesel light towers, efficiently utilising solar energy thanks to our exclusive ‘Nightbrite Technology’. Environmentally friendly, maintenance free and with no running costs, the Solar Lighting Tower provides the green credentials the industry is striving for. 


4 LED lamps with 'Nightbrite technology'

Innovative proprietary LED fixture design provides 40% increased brightness using the same power consumption, compared to other solar light tower systems

Clear and bright LED lamps

Long-lasting and durable LED lamps provide targeted lighting with minimal light pollution and reduced glare

Compact design

The innovative solar panel and trailer design ensure our compact lighting tower is easy to transport and set up without taking any valuable space 

Intelligent controller

Schedule and control the brightness and length of your lighting event. The easy to use selector switch provides multiple brightness and timing settings 

Power platform

Combined with energy-efficient Nightbrite technology, it provides autonomy for weeks in most applications 

Low cost of ownership

Eliminate fuel, fuel labour, engine maintenance and sodium light replacement costs


Solar panel tilts to various positions to maximise the performance without moving the trailer


No emissions or engine noise

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