Queue Detection

Real-time measurement of vehicle queue parameters and automated advance warning traffic alerts to road users
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Queue Detection System

Our Queue Detection System automatically generates real-time message alerts to drivers informing them of stopped traffic conditions in work zones or congested areas. The system involves communication between queue detection sensors at key locations which transmit data directly through JamLogic software. VMS are located in advance and provide automated warning to motorists ahead of queuing or stopped traffic. The sensor detects stopped or slow traffic in  seconds, enabling automated advance warning to drivers, reducing the risk of rear-end collisions. The system is operated using our award-winning Jam Logic processing software.

Most road works crashes are rear-end accidents (30-40%), Queue Warning systems are often the most cost-effective and can reduce rear-end type incidents by 20-60%, which not only reduce delays for all other approaching motorists but also makes the works area safer for motorists and workers. 

Another variation of a Queue Warning system is a Dynamic Merge system, which encourages early merges when free flow traffic exists and then alters messages when the area is congested, to direct motorists to utilize all lanes until the merge zone. Studies have shown this type of system actually allows 10-15% more traffic flow compared to un-directed traffic flow.


Integrated radar, modem with GPS, lithium battery and solar regulator mounted on a secure stand

Attaches to any battery/solar powered traffic control device

Autolocates with other Speed-Macs to provide complete overview of queuing traffic

Proven radar technology for accurate speed & count – traffic studies

Pick up speeds from vehicles across 3 lanes

Real-Time Integration into WAZE

Queue Detection Beacon
Queue Detection Radar


Prevent collisions by alerting motorists in advance of congested areas

Improve smooth and efficient traffic flow

Relieve driver frustration by setting expectations ahead of delays

Reduce emissions and fuel consumption by decreasing stop-and-go traffic

Queue Detection in JamLogic Software

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