Solar Speed Trailer

Perfect for controlling speed in your area and raising driver awareness through roadworks
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Solar Speed Trailer

The Mobile Speed Trailer is designed to display real-time speed information and feedback messages to motorists, reducing speed and creating a safer road environment. It can be used for speed studies near schools, in residential areas or anywhere controlling traffic speed limits has become an issue. 


The MVMS solar speed trailer is perfect for temporary speed studies on roads perceived to have a speeding problem. The data from speed surveys can ensure site selection criteria for permanent signage are met. Speed trailers not only have a positive effect on driver behaviour and reduce speeding; they also make motorists aware of speed limits.

It is worth noting that speed trailers have a ‘novelty’ effect and should remain for a short period (around two to three weeks) in order to maximise the effect. The mobile speed trailer can then be moved to a different site and rotated between sites for maximum effectiveness. This is why a portable sign is a real benefit in influencing driver behaviour. For optimum results, the radar within the speed trailer should be set to detect and display vehicle speeds at around 100m beyond the sign.


Combine speed indication with reflective regulatory sign

Portable, safe and easy installation on site

Solar-powered: no engine maintenance, noise or polution

Visibility in all light and weather conditions

2 year warranty on all electronics

Data logging option for speed studies

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