Radar/ Data Logging

Easily collect and store traffic data
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Radar Attachment and Data Logging

Our doppler radar provides real-time speed information which can be displayed on our variable message signs. The data logger collects and stores average speed of vehicles approaching (directional). All data can be downloaded via USB stick or remotely through our JamLogic software.

How does it work?

The radar enables a pre-set message to be displayed on the Mobile VMS as normal. When the pre-set speed limit is exceeded, the radar will then trigger a warning message to the motoring public. The data logging function works in conjunction with this, collecting statistics on vehicle speed which is then generated into a graph and Excel format. The data logger option also enables collection of average speeds of vehicles approaching (directional). This graph can be produced periodically i.e. hourly, daily, weekly etc.  The data can be downloaded via a USB stick at the trailer or remotely through JamLogic (modem option required). 

Data Reports in JamLogic Software


Picks up vehicle speed

No calibration necessary

Integrates with our VMS

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