Solar Mobile CCTV

Trailer-mounted CCTV for outdoor dynamic video surveillance
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Mobile Solar-Powered CCTV

Our trailer-mounted Solar Mobile CCTV is designed to provide all the height and stability necessary for the rapid deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance at roadworks and large-scale events.

Our CCTV is part of a range of mobile sensor trailers (includes RTMS Microwave, Radar Doppler and solar power platform) for rapid deployment at roadworks. Our sensor trailers integrate fully with our VMS and unique JamLogic software to create a bespoke ITS solution.


High definition CCTV

35x optical and/ 12x digital zoom


The camera can automatically detect and follow a moving object within the field of view

9-metre telescopic mast

for a panoramic view and monitoring of multiple levels (e.g. bridges) or large areas

Fast and precise pan/tilt response

On-board recording function

GPS modem for asset mangement

CCTV View in JamLogic Software

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