Solar Mobile CCTV

Trailer-mounted CCTV for outdoor dynamic video surveillance
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Mobile Solar-Powered CCTV

Our mobile, trailer-mounted, Solar CCTV is designed to provide all the height and stability necessary for the rapid deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance at roadworks and large-scale events.

Our CCTV is part of a range of mobile sensor trailers which include RTMS Microwave, Radar Doppler and solar power platform. Our sensor trailers integrate fully with our VMS and unique JamLogic software to create a bespoke ITS solution.


High definition CCTV

35x optical and/ 12x digital zoom


The camera can automatically detect and follow a moving object within the field of view

9-metre telescopic mast

for a panoramic view and monitoring of multiple levels (e.g. bridges) or large areas

Fast and precise pan/tilt response

On-board recording function

GPS modem for asset mangement

CCTV View in JamLogic Software

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