Incident Management

Using mobile ITS to manage, monitor and control traffic through roadwork schemes
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Incident Management

Our portable cameras, traffic sensors and VMS can all be integrated to provide a complete incident management solution on any project. Our JamLogic software gathers and processes critical traffic information from multiple hardware sources and third-party data provision. Road condition information is then automatically relayed in real-time to variable message signs and project teams. Email and text alerts can be automatically triggered allowing full project overview and control. CCTV, TASCAR, emission, weather and traffic (microwave, queue detection radar, works egress and stopped vehicle advance warning) sensors can all integrate through JamLogic for additional project control. Full analysis and reporting can be generated at the touch of a button using our intuitive JamLogic platform. 

Our intelligent JamLogic platform can also integrate with stakeholder public websites for real-time traffic updates. 



Award-winning JamLogic traffic and VMS/Sensor fleet management software

Equip any sign with our high speed modem and GPS

Maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability at roadworks

Monitor, maintain, manage remotely from PC, Laptop, tablet or Smartphone

Incident Managment in JamLogic Software

Low Speed Alert
Normal Speed Alert
Travel Time Spike Alert
High Occupancy Alert

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