Highway Amber Sign

Designed for use on high speed roads over 50mph
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Highways Variable Message Sign (VMS)

The Highways VMS Sign is suitable for all major road networks including motorways. Thanks to its unparralleled battery life and ability to show large amounts of text, it is the number one choice for road contractors and traffic management companies. Our award winning JamLogic software ensures remote programming and control of the VMS is carried out with ease. JamLogic also enables the integration of additional roadside hardware and third-party data sources for road critical information transmitted via our VMS. 


Tilt and rotate solar panels

for optimal performance and continuous annual operation

Lens covered LEDs

to direct the message at oncoming traffic only

Instantaneous remote programme

via a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone


Double padlocked, steel battery boxes, wheels removed on deployment

GPS Modem for asset mapping

Unparalleled battery life

 up to 3 years without recharge or battery swaps

Capable of displaying up to 5 lines of 12 characters

2 year warranty on all electronics

Technical Specifications

Length: 3900mm

Width: 2010mm

Display Panel: 2500 x 1610mm

Panel Construction: Aluminium

Travelling Height: 2620mm

Operating Height: 3860mm


Weight: 873kg

Axle/Suspension: Single 1300kg

Message Lift: Electro-Hydraulic

Paint: Weatherproof Powder Coating – impact, humidity, salt spray and rust resistant

    Solar Power:

    • Various configurations of solar panels and batteries available
    • High efficiency single crystal silicon anti-reflection coating for improved efficiency 
    • Regulated with surcharge protection  

    Highway Sign is Fully Compatible with:

    JamLogic TM Software

    Real-time Traffic Management Software for remote access and control

    Stealth Technology

    Prevent VMS battery theft and reduce maintenance cost

    Radar and Data Logging

    Easily collect and store traffic data

    Hear more about how our Highway Sign can assist you with your road and traffic project