Whether you require road safety campaigns, speed awareness and control, major roadworks or urban streetworks, we can provide the best solution to suit any budget or application

Solar Lighting Tower

A new generation high performance lighting tower that provides the green credentials the industry is striving for

Solar CCTV

Trailer-mounted CCTV designed to provide all the height and stability necessary for the rapid deployment of outdoor dynamic video surveillance

Mobile Speed Trailer

Perfect mobile solution for controlling speed in your area and raising driver awareness through roadworks

Vehicle Activated Sign

The proven solution for slowing down the traffic by providing real-time driver feedback

Radar/ Data Logging

Easily collect and store traffic data

Solar Sensor Trailer

Ideal for mounting cameras, RTMS, radars and microwave detectors

Asset Management Camera

Cloud-based road work management camera system 

Presence and Target Light

2-in-1 Sustainable Lighting Solution 

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