Stealth Technology

Prevent VMS battery theft and reduce maintenance cost
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MVMS supported Siemens to deliver a stragetically important journey time project for Transport for London (TfL) under tight timescales. MVMS provided excellent support to the Siemens team ensuring successful delivery. Their help to support the project was greatly appreciated.

Brian Sutherns, Siemens plc

Stealth Technology

Our VMS are the only signs on the market to offer Stealth Technology. This innovative design makes battery theft obsolete and helps to significantly reduce battery maintenance and repair costs. With a cleverly hidden battery compartment and long-lasting sealed batteries, theft and maintenance are no longer a concern with our VMS.

How does it work?

Our VMS have a cleverly hidden battery compartment (see the right image) that deters thieves from stealing batteries. In addition, our sealed batteries can run up to 3 years without recharge or battery swaps which makes them significantly more efficient than standard VMS.


No battery theft

Cleverly concealed long-lasting batteries

Maintenance-free for up to five years

No VMS downtime

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