Diversion Routing

Dynamic diversion routing to intuitively control traffic flow, facilitating free-flow traffic and efficient driving behaviour
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Diversion Routing

Our Dynamic Diversion System is a fully automated, flexible approach to the management of congestion or queueing hotspots during roadworks or major events. Traffic flow information is transmitted directly in real-time and processed by the JamLogic control platform. VMS sited at key locations autonomously display real-time road condition information. If traffic volumes on the mainline build to critical levels, the intelligent operating platform will divert motorists onto pre-defined diversion corridors. Once traffic becomes free-flow once more, Variable Message Signs will update road users and divert traffic back onto the mainline and away from key diversion routes. This diversion route system is fully automated and road critical information is displayed in real time.


Process third-party traffic data in real time using JamLogic operating and control platform

Control traffic flow through major schemes, by efficiently utilising road space

Reduce heavy traffic flow on often reduced capacity diversion route network (towns and villages)

Real-time update of critical road information via market-leading variable message signs

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