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Mobile VMS first deployed variable message signage and journey time integration on the M4 3-12 Motorway Upgrade in July 18. Their JamLogic intelligent interface software was user-friendly and provided excellent project overview and control alongside valuable customer data and reporting in relation to journey time. The company’s operations team communicated professionally with our onsite traffic management team and deployed their system seamlessly. As the project grew and there were additional requirements beyond the initial contract, the Mobile VMS team delivered efficiently and integrated journey time reliability technologies seamlessly. This supplier also became an integral member of our 60mph project team. They deployed microwave traffic sensors which provided critical information to TRL (speed, volume, lane occupancy, headway and vehicle classification) enabling Highways England and Balfour Beatty VINCI JV to make informed, carefully considered decisions about running at 60mph through the scheme. The Mobile VMS project team attended weekly briefings as part of the 60mph project and displayed a collaborative approach to ensure these trials ran safely and effectively. Thanks to the technical prowess of this company, the M4 project was the first scheme of its kind to fully automate SVD warning on a VMS, due to advanced digital integration with Videcon stopped vehicle detection system.

Mark Neville, Senior Traffic Manager M4 J3-12 Motorway Upgrade

Real-Time Traffic Management

JamLogic is a real-time application that remotely collects data from field sensing devices and thrid party traffic flow analysis. It analyses data and outputs automated messages to motorists via variable message signs. 


Manage your equipment remotely

View your VMS messages, sensor data and camera images on a single screen

View your messages and battery voltages

Maximise productivity, efficiency and profitability at roadworks

Access logging and history of sensor data, signs and events

Receive automated email alerts and updates

How does it work?

JamLogic Options

View interactive GPS map and project list with real-time message display

Stream live video from the work zone

Create and export customisable data reports

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