Journey Time

Real-time, road-critical traffic information relayed to motorists and project teams via a fully automated software platform and key message diplay on our Variable Message Signs
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Journey Time System

Our Journey Time System automates real-time road critical traffic information and enables key travel time detail to be displayed to motorists.  It calculates the amount of time it takes drivers to travel between different points in a work zone or roadway system. It informs the motorist in advance of queues and areas of congestion, providing variable speed information, travel time and alternative routes. The real-time traffic data is collected using either strategically placed sensors or third party data such as National Highways Datex II, TomTom, Google or HERE. Our JamLogic Software then analyses the information and displays it to drivers on our variable message signs in real time. The system is fully automated.


Provide reliable, real-time information to motorists and project teams

Reduce congestion and increase capacity through roadworks by smoothing traffic flow for more efficient roadworks

Enhance road worker and motorist safety by providing critical road condition information

Key traffic data and reporting available to project teams, enhancing scheme performance and enabling future scheme design / planning

Journey Time in JamLogic Software

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