Solar Sensor Intelligent Trailer

Ideal for mounting cameras, RTMS, radars and microwave detectors
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Solar-Powered Intelligent Sensor Platform

Ideal for mounting cameras, RTMS, radars and microwave detectors, MVMS Portable Solar-powered Sensor Trailers are made from sturdy, quality materials that last long and help lower operating costs. Sensors enable monitoring of traffic speeds, volumes etc. and the logging of this data for future reference to identify patterns and problem areas. 

Used in combination with message boards, other equipment and MVMS exclusive JamLogic software, our Sensor Trailers form an essential part of our Mobile ITS, where messages can be automated to respond to real-time traffic or weather conditions.


Rapid deployment

High accuracy - over 97%

GPS modem for asset mapping

Installation options

Doppler radar can be mounted on both sensor trailer with mast OR Mobile VMS 

Bi-directional traffic measurements

(RTMS only)

Variety of data that can be captured

RTMS can determine speeds, vehicle length (in bins), occupancy of lanes (%), volume (vehicle counts) & headway

Data Reports in JamLogic Software

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