City Sign Amber

Designed for use on low-speed roads under 50mph
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City Sign Amber

The unique compact design of the City Sign makes it ideal for projects where space is a premium, such as urban centres, events and advertising. The sign can accommodate up to 8 lines of text, 20 characters across and is suitable for roads under 50 mph. The City VMS is most popular with Traffic Management companies and Local Authorities who utilise this compact sign for streetworks projects.


Footprint only 1.4m x 1.6m

with retractable towbar

Tilt and rotate solar panels

for optimal performance and continuous annual operation


Double padlocked, steel battery box, wheels removed on deployment

Instantaneous remote programme

via a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone

GPS modem for asset mapping

Environmentally friendly and energy efficient

Capable of displaying up to 8 lines of 20 characters

2 year warranty on all electronics

Technical Specifications

Length: 2730mm

Width: 1400mm

Display Panel: 1422.4 x 925mm

Panel Construction: Aluminium



Travelling Height: 2260mm

Operating Height: 4076mm

Footprint: 1400mm x 1600mm

Retractable Drawbar



    Weight: 628kg

    Axle/Suspension: 909kg

    Display Lift: Winch

    Paint: Powder Coating


      City Sign is Fully Compatible with:

      JamLogic TM Software

      Real-time Traffic Management Software for remote access and control

      Stealth Technology

      Prevent VMS battery theft and reduce maintenance cost

      Radar and Data Logging

      Easily collect and store traffic data

      Hear more about how our City Sign can assist you with your road and traffic project