Intelligent Transport Systems

Mobile 'real time' traffic management system to control project costs and traffic at road works

Our temporary mobile ITS solution offers highway professionals a mobile 'real time' traffic management system to control project costs and traffic at road works. Our mobile ITS wirelessly integrates traffic data sources and field devices (traffic sensors, weather sensors, cctv etc.) to provide real-time project control and management through roadwork's. Our ITS provides project managers with the ability to view the roadwork's, display reliable journey times, alternative routes, advance queue warning, incident detection and remote traffic monitoring. Benefits include shorter travel time, increased traffic capacity, reduced congestion, reduced incidents through works, increased driver and worker safety as well as the associated cost savings.

Variable Message Signs

Mobile VMS are confident you will not find a better alternative to our range of solar mobile variable message signs.

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JamLogic TM Software

'Real-Time' Traffic Management software for remote access and control. Remotely monitor, maintain and manage your traffic control equipment from any PC, Laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Mobile CCTV

Our pioneering Mobile Solar powered CCTV is equipped with high performance PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) with 35x optical and 12x digital zoom with fast and precise pan/tilt response.

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Mobile Sensor Trailers

Ideal for mounting cameras, RTMS, radars and microwave detectors, MVMS Portable Solar-powered Sensor Trailers are made with pride from sturdy, quality materials that last long and help lower operating costs.

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