‘Team’s call in 10, I’m away to tie my shoelaces’ – at Mobile VMS, we have always believed in flexible working but a new approach to incorporating exercise into our daily tasks commenced last Autumn. After a supply chain event organised by Costain RDP, which focused on the importance of exercise as a vital element of wellbeing, the Mobile VMS team discussed some simple ways of integrating wellbeing initiatives into our daily work schedules.

We are piloting a new ‘walk and talk’ initiative, asking everyone to consider conducting at least one daily internal meeting or ‘team’ call’, whilst exercising, preferably outside. We’ve asked our staff to don their walking shoes, put on their headphones and take their virtual meetings into the great outdoors. Technology was provided in the form of ear pods to enable a seamless transition from desk to the pavement and beyond.

It’s not only a great way to boost vitamin D levels and the associated immunity but also to ensure that staff remain active and learn to integrate exercise around their working day. The well-being of our team is integral to our commitment to work/ life balance. Nothing beats fresh air and months of home-working have meant we’ve all adapted to a different, more flexible working approach.

That’s not all, in spring, our team joined a ‘Walking Challenge’ organised by Costain RDP North who invited their key supply chain delivery partners and stakeholders to take part. Our team have really enjoyed the competitive nature of this challenge and it’s been a great opportunity for members of our team who are actively involved in the RDP projects to communicate with Costain employees from all disciplines. It has been a wonderful chance to engage with project stakeholders who are normally just part of email chains. 

It’s been a much more personable approach and encouraged communication, whilst promoting health and charitable giving. Our internal nominated charity for associated sponsorship is Macmillan Cancer Care

As you can see in the picture, we’re continuing our ‘walk and talk’ initiative over the summer!