Siemens / TFL Journey time Congestion Project

Mobile VMS worked with Siemens on behalf of Transport For London (TFL) to deliver a journey time system for motorist information and congestion control. Mobile VMS had the ability to offer both UTMC (Urban Traffic Management and Control) compliance and remote programming and control which we facilitate through our JamLogic traffic management software. Mobile VMS worked with Siemens to deliver a journey time project for TFL in Central London, locating UTMC variable message signs at key congestion routes into London.


Congestion on key routes into Central London. 


MVMS provided the UTMC integration which enabled our signs to work with Siemens Stratos traffic management system. This flexibility in processing data from multiple sources is vital in ensuring a bespoke system is available to meet the demands of any road project. This includes taking data from sources available to traffic control centres throughout the UK, for example Inrix data, vehicle detection loops, ANPR and weather stations. The key benefits of mobile ITS are both flexibility and the bespoke nature of the system which offers highway teams the ability to deploy multiple sensor types in minutes to suit the road layout and project needs. These systems also need to offer real-time information for multiple applications (roadworks, adverse weather warning, large scale events), utilising proven sensor technologies and blend multiple types of sensor data/traffic information. The equipment should also be capable of operating 24/7. Each device should be equipped with a high speed modem that has GPS.

Project Success

Brian Sutherns, Siemens plc

‘MVMS supported Siemens to deliver a strategically important journey time project for Transport for London (TfL) under tight timescales. MVMS provided excellent support to the Siemens team ensuring successful delivery. Your help to support the project was greatly appreciated’.