Adverse Weather Warning System - Galway Ireland


Serious accidents and fatality as a result of aquaplaning due to adverse weather and excess surface water on the M18 Cloneen, Galway. 


Atkins and Transport Infrastructure Ireland tasked Mobile VMS to provide an advance weather warning system.  The system was designed to control motorist speed and provide advance adverse weather warning to prevent serious accidents and possible fatalities as a result of aquaplaning. 

A current Mobile VMS project in Galway, Ireland is using mobile variable message signs to communicate directly with weather sensors and vital road weather information is transmitted in real-time to motorists in advance of accident black spots. The Galway project involves the use of ‘water film thickness sensors, direct communication with our JamLogic traffic management software and the display of vital warning information via our mobile variable message signs. The advance weather warnings are issued when certain pre-set thresholds are met with VMS signage displaying messages such as “reduce speed, surface water, extreme caution”. 

Project Success

The project is ongoing.