A40 Walham Viaduct deck refurbishment


Using a series of our mobile solar traffic sensors, bluetooth sensors, mobile solar CCTV, mobile variable message signs and JamLogic real time traffic management software, MVMS are providing journey information to the motoring public through the A40 Gloucestershire, a 1.3 mile stretch of works for the Walham Viaduct improvements. 

Project Success

Mark Davies (Commercial Manager)HW Martin (Traffic Management) Ltd.

“A40 Walham (“Project Orange” site) - Our client (Skanska) were requested by HE to provide information to TRL to monitor driver behaviour both prior to, and during the scheme going live. To enable this information to be captured the technology included Bluetooth activated Journey time, real time updates, remote information access, Mobile speed signs, VMS’s and CCTV monitoring traffic behaviour and Journey time for TRL. We approached a supplier to help design this element and were all set to go. 2 weeks before the scheme was due to go live one of our suppliers pulled out leaving us in a situation where we were in real danger of failing to deliver. We engaged another supplier (MVMS) to step in at the last minute. Having not worked with MVMS previously we were unsure about their capabilities. They helped design the scheme in a different way given the alternative technology employed. The scheme was a success resulting in praise from both Skanska and TRL, with the latter having collated all the key information required.” “MVMS liaised well and accommodated for the changes and short turnarounds on the scheme. At no extra cost they attended both site meetings and meetings at TRL’s offices to explain how their technology worked, and to guide them through any queries they presented.” “When the need arises MVMS will be HW Martins first port of call - with them now being classed as a key supply chain partner.”