A21 Pembury Dualling Scheme

The A21 Pembury was the perfect match for a Queue Warning and Journey Time system. The geographical layout, with its inclines, caused vivibility issues and stop and go traffic. Each day, the Mobile ITS system enabled motorists to adapt their driving behaviour accordingly, helping to reduce tailbacks and provide a safer, more efficient journey through the work zone.
  • Date: April 2015 – April 2018
  • Client: Balfour Beatty
  • Project Type: Smart Motorway Schemes

Project Overview

The main objective of the project was to improve the customer’s experience through the roadworks by providing increased journey time reliability, reduced congestion, greater network efficiency and better driver information. Our mobile Intelligent Transport System (ITS) not only delivered journey time information on the distance of 3.1 miles but also provided an advance queue warning (AQW) system that communicated advance traffic information to the motoring public.

The AQW system notified motorists of slow or stopped traffic in the approaching roadworks and slowed the motorists’ speed to minimize and prevent rear-end collisions. Based on real-time traffic data and pre-programmed algorithms, AQW information was displayed automatically on our VMS. In addition, our CCTV cameras provided live coverage at crucial locations throughout the roadworks.

The system enabled Balford Beatty to log valuable data to further proper flow of traffic through the roadworks. This allowed for improving the customer’s experience through the roadworks and meet Highways England and client requirements for safe and smooth traffic flow.

Project Design

4 trailer-mounted speed sensors detecting queues


3 Bluetooth sensors for journey time



3 trailer-mounted CCTV cameras for incident management



JamLogic software to integrate all the data and automate VMS signs



Our mobile ITS allowed for accumulation of valuable data to help road authorities make decisions on the roadworks layout. The data collected during the project indicated that the A21 project has benefited greatly from a queue warning and journey time system. Quoting directly from Highways England, ‘it keeps the roadworks simpler and clearer for people to drive through.’

JamLogic Software – Project Control

MVMS consulted closely with Balfour Beatty during the initial planning phase for Highways England’s orange scheme integration on the A21 Pembury Dualling. MVMS provided vital journey time and were the only company to offer an innovative advance queue warning (AQW) system providing real time information through the roadworks. They delivered all elements of the mobile ITS Integration, adhering closely to strict deadlines. They were responsible for deployment of all variable message signs, traffic sensors (Bluetooth, radar doppler) and their unique JamLogic traffic management software which provided a complete mobile intelligent traffic management system. The motorist was provided with accurate journey information through the roadworks and valuable queue warning information in advance of the works. This enabled Balfour as the roads contractor, to control traffic and speed through the work zone, facilitating more efficient safer roadworks. I would highly recommend MVMS as a temporary ITS provider
Simon Taylor, Project Manager, Balfour Beatty