Variable Message Signs

Mobile VMS are confident you will not find a better alternative to our range of UTMC solar mobile variable message signs.

With the latest innovation in LED display, UTMC / NTCIP compatibility, durable battery life and minimal maintenance, our VMS are market leading signs which can be integrated with traffic sensors and CCTV providing complete roadside traffic management through roadwork's. All our signs offer user friendly on site programming and high speed remote programming from the comfort of your office using a pc, laptop, tablet or smartphone. 

The Mobile VMS range of variable message signs are also the only signs on the market to offer ‘Stealth Technology’. This innovative design makes battery theft obsolete and helps to significantly reduce battery maintenance and repair costs. With a cleverly hidden battery compartment and long lasting sealed batteries, theft and maintenance are no longer a concern with our VMS.



Mobile VMS City Sign (48*80)

This unique compact Mobile Variable Message Sign was designed to meet requirements for urban street-works or projects where space is a premium. The sign can accommodate up to 8 lines of text, 20 characters across and is suitable for roads under 50 mph.

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Mobile VMS 'Highways' 320 RS Amber

The 'Highways' 320 RS Amber Variable Message Sign is suitable for all major road networks including motorways. This sign is designed for use on high speed roads over 50mph and is programmable remotely (PC, Tablet / Smartphone) using our award winning JamLogic software or via our innovative touch screen controller.

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Mobile VMS 320 RGB Full Colour

The MVMS 320 RGB variable message sign with rainbow technology is the industry's first full colour solar powered mobile full-matrix message sign with over 16000 colours that can be displayed in a message or graphic design. The skies the limit with the MVMS rainbow technology.

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JamLogic TM Software

'Real-Time' Traffic Management software for remote access and control

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Stealth Technology

Prevent VMS battery theft and reduce maintenance cost!

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