Traffic monitoring and control

As traffic volumes rise leading to congestion and an increased risk of RTAs the need for effective, professional traffic management is greater than ever.

MVMS offers its services to highways agencies, county or city councils, police services and specialist Traffic Management companies. Whether it is road safety campaigns, speed control, major road works or urban street works we can provide the best solution to suit any budget or application.

Mobile Speed Indication Device (715)

The Mobile VMS radar speed indication device (SID) is perfect for controlling speed in your area and raising driver awareness through temporary road works.

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Mobile CCTV

Our pioneering Mobile Solar powered CCTV is equipped with high performance PTZ (pan, tilt and zoom) with 35x optical and 12x digital zoom with fast and precise pan/tilt response.

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Solar Lighting Tower

The Mobile VMS innovative Solar Lighting tower is a new generation high performance lighting tower which provides the green credentials the industry is striving for.

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Radar Attachment and Data Logging

Our Houston doppler radar provides real-time speed information which can be displayed on our variable message signs. The data logger collects and stores average speed and the number of vehicles approaching (directional). All data can be downloaded via USB key or remotely through our JamLogic software.

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Asset Management Dash Cam

Mobile VMS offers a cloud based road work management camera system that allows contractors and authorities to document their projects. We can customise the operating platform, providing tailored security, duration of storage and storage ability depending on the customer requirement.

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Compact '4' Solar Lighting Tower

The Mobile VMS innovative Compact '4' Solar Lighting tower is a powerful high performance lighting tower that is portable, cost effective and offers a great return on investment. It is visually as bright, effective and compact as conventional diesel towers, without the associated fuel and labour costs. It provides the green credentials the industry is striving for.

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Portable Presence Light

The Mobile VMS Presence light is compact , battery powered and portable. Presence lighting allows the motoring public to see road works, particularly lane closures, from a safe distance. The system is quick and easy to to set-up and does not require a diesel generator to power. It is fully chargeable in 2-3 hours and will last up to 12 hours on site.

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