2 in 1 Presence and Target Light

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2-in-1 Portable
Presence Light
and Target Light

Mobile VMS Portable Presence and Target Light is a versatile and unique, compact, robust, battery-powered temporary lighting solution. Equipped with highperformance lithium batteries and a technologically advanced fast-charging system, it will perform up to 25 hours before needing a recharge. The system is ideal for short term on and off-road construction and utility projects, flagging operations, special events, and emergency services applications. Within a few minutes and basic tools, it easily converts from a Presence light to Target light!


Compact design

Tripod legs, telescopic mast and wheels enable quick set up and storage

Eliminate generator

Reduce deployment labour and eliminate fuel and maintenance costs

High-performance batteries

Maintenance-free, environmentally-friendly lithium batteries provide long-lasting power

Incorporated photocell

Detects light and automatically turns on and off

Quick charging system

Charge the batteries in less than 3 hours

Balloon canopy

Softer, non-glare lighting solution

Technical Specifications

1 adjustable LED lamp

Up to 14K lumens

15h at full brightness

Full charge in 2.5-3hr

Powered by 44.4 A/h at 25.6 V batteries



18 Amp charger

Fully extends to 14 feet

3 legs for trolley stabilization

Operating height: 5052 mm

Operating presence: 2344mm

Travelling lenght: 543mm

Travelling width: 548 mm

Travelling height: 1829mm

Weight: 59kg


2 products in 1

Remove the balloon to change the presence light into target light

Environmentally friendly

Eliminate fumes, noise, pollution, fuel and maintenance costs

Adjustable light settings

Adjust the brightness ofthe light to meet your application needs 

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