Mobile VMS for Critical Airport Messaging

October 03 2019

Airports require a reliable and flexible information source for traffic control around the perimeter and provision of key safety messaging air-side. Mobile VMS offer a portable solution with remote programming and control, ensuring key messages are relayed in a fast paced critical environment.

The airport estate handles huge volumes of traffic day and night. Its up to traffic, carpark and air side operations teams to ensure critical information is relayed in an efficient and reliable manner. 

Mobile variable message signs are a key asset for use within an airport setting but reliability and durability are key. Our VMS have been bought or hired by many of the busiest UK and Irish airports. These include London Heathrow, Birmingham, Manchester, Luton, Standsted, Belfast City and International and Dublin airport.

The Operations Coordinator at Manchester Airport had the following to say: 

"I have been using standard roadside A frame signs to deliver messages to many customers across our entire estate over the last 10 years, but as we move on with the times and our foot print continues to grow, we had the chance to jump into the realms of Mobile Variable Message Signage so we purchased the larger 320 matrix with controller unit and radar. It was a business case worthwhile, it became an invaluable bit of kit which is now key equipment for us here at the airport. It was that successful with our traffic management and car park operational teams we made a decision to purchase 4 more and it was money well invested. MVMS were excellent, they were great to deal with, fully understood our requirements. The customer support is second to none and Becky was always on hand from start to finish including assisting with the setup of the signs. I also need to mention that these signs are constructed of high quality materials and we cannot fault them in anyway.  To all the MVMS team, thank you."

Key uses for VMS both on the public estate or air-side include: 

  • Car park messaging 
  • Traffic calming - speed awareness
  • Airside security and operative instructions
  • Critical public security messaging
  • Passenger information 

Variable message signs for airports