Intelligent Platforms - A focus on Microwave sensors for count, classification and speed

June 06 2019

Mobile VMS intelligent platforms are multi-faceted with autonomous power and communications. They can be used to mount and power various hardware from CCTV, Tascar and weather sensors to radar dopplars and microwave sensors.

Mobile VMS provide Microwave sensors for specialist traffic monitoring and our solar platform, with optimised solar panels and superior battery durability is the perfect product for long term roads projects. Only Mobile VMS sensor trailers can be left in the field to run autonomously for up to 3 years, allowing project managers to remotely monitor road work zones and confidently conduct accurate traffic studies.

Our robust solar platforms can be integrated with traffic sensors to provide a mobile option for everything from speed enforcement to surveillance. Road contractors are increasingly requesting traffic data in advance of road projects and using our microwave sensors mounted on our solar platforms. This enables key locations not covered by permanent infrastructure to be monitored for a time before sensors are deployed elsewhere. 

The microwave (RTMS) sensor can be mounted on the Mobile VMS solar intelligent platform to provide a per lane presence in addition to volume, occupancy, speed and classification information. The Microwave sensor and solar platform comes complete with high-speed modem and GPS which enables remote collection of data using our JamLogic® Software. The Mobile VMS solar intelligent platform is the perfect equipment to integrate with a large road work project or for detailed traffic studies in advance of and after a scheme.

  • Multiple lane coverage (6 and 8 lane options)
  • Bi-directional traffic analysis
  • Volume, speed, occupancy, classification and headway
  • High speed modem and GPS
  • Mobile and solar powered

Microwave sensor

Our microwave sensors can be integrated with our Jamlogic operating software to enable wireless communications, project management and control.

 The graph above is an example of traffic data available to project managers using our microwave sensor trailers.