Extending the life of your Mobile Variable Message Sign batteries

January 25 2019

Mobile Variable Message Sign battery life can be impacted by reduced solar light levels during the Winter season and batteries tend to discharge faster during this period. What can you do to optimise your variable message signs and ensure 'downtime is a thing of the past?

Here are 3 items which should be part of your VMS checklist:

  • Make sure that solar panels are at a 45-degree angle. This prevents debris from overhanging vegetation and to allow snowfall to simply slide off


  • Ensure solar panels are oriented South


  • Ensure solar panels are positioned to pick up maximum solar energy (full training is provided alongside a VMS manual to all our customers


It is worth noting that our Mobile VMS are built for durability and longevity using the highest quality materials and have been tested in low light levels in the North of Canada to ensure efficiencies are maximized. Our VMS have unrivaled battery output and will run autonomously for up to three years without interference when the checklist above is actioned! 


For further questions on our solar capability and to organise a demo of our market leading VMS, please contact us today - info@mobilevms.co.uk / 0175303900