Stealth Technology

July 06 2017

Problem: Theft and Battery Maintenance | Solution: Stealth Technology

Battery theft on mobile variable message signs and arrow boards is becoming an alarming and dangerous issue for Highways Managers. Our Stealth technology solution combines the latest LED technology and a durable battery in order to minimise both battery theft and sign maintenance. This means project managers are free to convey important messages via their VMS with no concerns about potentially hazardous downtime issues! 

Due to their portable nature and easy deployment, mobile variable message signs are an obvious choice for roads projects and large scale events. Although primarily used in the Highways sector to notify road users of roadworks schedules, locations and journey time delays, they are also used at events as a means of providing directional signage or to convey key messages to event goers. 

If opportunist thieves are successful in extracting batteries from mobile variable message signs, the resulting health and safety implications are worrying and potentially catastrophic. In addition, users who hire or purchase mobile VMS do not always properly maintain them, which increases the risk of signs not displaying critical information to the motoring public. Combine this with the added cost and headache of replacing batteries or units on the roadway and the situation can run into thousands of pounds. 

Our solution is 'stealth technology' which solves two critical issues facing Highways managers - Battery theft and lack of battery maintenance. Mobile VMS have developed a cleverly concealed battery compartment using long life batteries, making battery theft and maintenance a thing of the past. in fact, our Stealth signs are maintenance free for up to five years. in addition to preventing theft, it also reduces human error which can result in signs not displaying vital messages to road users. 

Thieves cant steal what they cant find!