Journey Time Intelligence at roadworks

July 13 2017

Technology from Mobile VMS providing Journey time intelligence that's ahead of the rest!

There is no doubt Variable Message Signs are an effective method of delivering key information on road conditions, but often there is a knowledge gap when it comes to the different methods of providing Journey time intelligence through roadworks and how best to relay that information to motorists.

Local authorities and roads contractors are not always aware of the proven benefits of displaying key messages on mobile Variable Message Signs which are easily viewed by the motoring public at key decision points. The concept of temporary Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and the various data sources and hardware available to accurately assess and report on real-time driving conditions, particularly through roadworks and Smart motorway upgrades, can fill a Highway Manager with dread! Mobile VMS can help design an effective data capture and reporting mechanism which best suits the road conditions, information and reporting required by Highways England and the contract project team, making safety and increased road capacity a key consideration. 

If you are a Highways manager who requires a journey time integration for your roadworks projects then give us a call. We can provide 'intelligent' Journey time, advance Queue warning and incident detection and management, all managed remotely using our 'gold standard' JamLogic software. This software is capable of integrating numerous data sources such as Inrix, Tom Tom, Google and weather stations and can communicate directly with traffic sensors like ANPR, Bluetooth, microwave and Radar Doppler. 

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