The role of temporary ITS in roadwork’s projects

February 16 2015

Mobile VMS provide a scalable, bespoke temporary portable Intelligent Transport Solution for road works.

Mobile Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications have made great strides in the past decade, but when it comes to applying proven ITS technology on a portable basis within critical road work areas, the industry still has much to do. Roadwork’s areas are often the most dangerous on our roads, due to their unpredictable, non-recurrent congestion and reduced capacity. 2013 Statistics from the Department for Transport show that approximately 45% of road accidents occur through roadwork’s. This poses a great danger, not only for motorists but road workers as well.

MVMS ITS System Features:

Mobile temporary ITS applications include many key elements to help promote better safety and mobility through Roadwork’s.  MVMS offer real-time journey information, queue warning and incident detection through work’s and our system is capable of utilising any proven sensor technologies and blending multiple types of sensor data / traffic information. Our mobile solar powered ITS equipment can be deployed in minutes and operate 24/7. It is bespoke, scalable temporary ITS, suitable for both small and large scale roads projects. Each device is equipped with a high speed modem and GPS.

The MVMS range of mobile traffic sensors, mobile CCTV and mobile VMS can provide valuable real time journey information, queue warning and incident detection.  Using our JamLogicTM softwareprovides transparent web based access and wirelessly collects data from a variety of field sensing devices via high-speed modems. The JamLogic server analyses the data based on algorithms. The logic and messages are pre-determined by the project manager or agency.  The JamLogic software automates the messages on our mobile Variable Message Signs and provides real-time information to the motoring public, highways project managers and traffic control centres.

The Mobile VMS range integrates seamlessly with existing roadside hardware like weather / speed sensors thanks to UTMC and NTCIP compliance.

If real-time traffic data is required through road work’s, then using our mobile traffic sensors (Doppler, Microwave, Bluetooth, ANPR) ideally placed every 750 – 1000m in areas of concern, alongside our mobile VMS and mobile CCTV trailers, will allow the evaluation of a roadway system and whether sensors will become part of the future permanent infrastructure. Mobile VMS should be placed at key upstream decision points and be placed often enough that the real-time information is relatively current for the next 4 – 6 miles +/- downstream. Mobile CCTV trailers should be placed in areas of concern to allow for visual verification of automated system alerts. Project managers can then evaluate if the system data should be integrated into the local Traffic Management Centre.

MVMS manufacture and supply solar powered mobile VMS, CCTV, traffic sensors, lighting towers, mobile intelligent transport system (ITS) solutions and JamLogic ITS software for system back up, fleet management and remote access.  Our product offering provides a complete intelligent traffic management solution to congestion, incidents and delays through road works. 

We have been a key player in the traffic management industry since 1998 when we introduced thefirst mobile solar powered Variable Message Sign to the UK and Ireland markets.  MVMS continue to innovate and our current VMS are the only signs on the market with ‘Stealth Technology’, an innovation which prevents battery theft and leaves signs maintenance free for up to five years.