Looking back at 2015

December 17 2015

We wish all our customers and colleagues a very merry Christmas and a happy healthy new year!

2015 was an exciting, sometimes challenging year for the team at MVMS, but we thrive on tight deadlines and high-stake commitments!  Not only have we been involved in high profile roads projects across the UK and Ireland for Highways England and Transport Infrastructure Ireland respectively, we have also helped crowd control during some of the most prominent sporting events in Europe this year, namely the Baku European Games in Azerbaijan and the 2015 Rugby World Cup in the UK. Our hard work and commitment to our customers in 2015 will culminate in MVMS supplying variable message signs for the London New Year’s eve firework extravaganza, doing what we do best, controlling large crowds and motorists and supplying them with the vital information they need to make journeys and events run smoothly.

Here’s a brief roundup of our most exciting projects…

Launch of our new compact ‘City’ Variable Message Sign

At the start of this year, we launched our highly anticipated, most successful product to date, our compact ‘City’ variable message sign (VMS) which gave roads contractors and events company’s the opportunity to secure a highly effective, innovative VMS with the smallest footprint on the market and the only sign capable of displaying up to 8 lines of text with 20 characters a line. The City Sign will transform the way in which contractor’s use VMS in town and city centres.

Mobile Intelligent Transport System (ITS) integrations for Highways England  

As part of the Highways England Orange pilot scheme, MVMS have worked alongside Balfour Beatty on the A21 Ton­bridge to Pem­bury and Skanska through HW Martin on the A40 Walham Glouces­ter­shire, providing real-time journey information and advance queue warning (AQW). MVMS were responsible for the installation and deployment of our mobile intelligent transport system (ITS) which provides live journey time updates to motorists and the managing contractors on both roads projects. Our system is the only mobile ITS integration capable of providing advance queue warning.  

Using a series of our mobile solar traffic sensors, bluetooth sensors, mobile solar CCTV, mobile variable message signs and JamLogic real time traffic management software, the system offers improved journey time reliability, reduced congestion, greater network efficiency and improved driver information.

In addition to Journey time, we are also providing accurate and reliable advance queue warning, enabling motorists to reduce speed steadily to prevent potentially fatal rear end collisions as traffic slows through works due to reduced road capacity or the movement of heavy work’s traffic. The importance of advance queue warning to motorists cannot be ignored as any rear end collision through works can impact not just motorist safety but the safety of the workers involved in road projects.

Our mobile ITS helped ease London congestion

In a bid to minimise delays in central London Mayor Boris Johnson asked Transport for London (TfL) to put in place new schemes to aid congestion and provide up to date journey information for travellers. As a result, MVMS are working with Siemens and TfL, trialing our new generation of UTMC mobile variable message signs, allowing motorists to view valuable journey information on key routes into London. The signs will initially be tested on the A12, A13 and A40. Brian Sutherns, Siemens plc, had the following to say about the work MVMS undertook;

‘MVMS supported Siemens to deliver a strategically important journey time project for Transport for London (TfL) under tight timescales. MVMS provided excellent support to the Siemens team ensuring successful delivery. Your help to support the project was greatly appreciated’

ITS adverse weather warning system, Galway Ireland

We are currently working with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (formerly National Roads Authority), Atkins and Vaisala to integrate data from visibility sensors with our JamLogicTM traffic management software which in turn triggers automated alerts via our mobile variable message signs.

This key adverse weather warning system was designed to prevent accidents on a section of road badly affected by water film thickness (surface water) during heavy rain and had already incurred serious accidents. The equipment operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week, integrating with existing road weather stations, which, combined with traffic sensor data on speed and volume of vehicles means vital roadway information can be transmitted to motorists.

Crowd Control for England Rugby

During the Rugby World Cup, our signs offered valuable advice on getting to and from Twickenham Stadium by train, bus and car, and provided information on parking.

England Rugby approached MVMS to provide our Variable Message Signs (VMS) around the host stadium Twickenham, for the entire Rugby World Cup 2015. The Objective was to provide crowd management on the Egress by deploying VMS and managing travel information for the 80,000 spectators expected during each game. In an agreement with Transport for London (TfL), all connecting roads to Twickenham were closed 4 hrs before kick-off. This was unprecedented and meant our variable message signs were used to display key transport information including directions to rail stations, car parks, shuttles and all connecting buses and tube lines.

An MVMS engineer was onsite for every game at Twickenham to ensure that all VMS were fully operational and provide any additional support when required. While onsite the engineer controlled all dynamic messages that needed to be changed in a matter of minutes as a result of changing feeds from CCTV and direct radio reports from the tube, bus and rail stations. Full training was also provided by MVMS to England Rugby personnel enabling them to have full control over the signs also.

Our VMS were also used at the other World cup venues Wembley Stadium and Olympic park to facilitate the swift and efficient movement of people around the stadiums, pre and post-match.  They were also operational in the local train stations during the World Cup.

And finally, Major Roads Project Bahrain

Our variable message signs are helping the Kingdom of Bahrain to control traffic during the construction of major road networks throughout the country. We have sold many of our signs directly to the Middle East and helped with traffic management plans for major roads projects across the region. One of reasons for our success there is our signs ability to display Arabic text and integrate with other traffic management systems.

These are just a few of the key projects we have been involved with in 2015. We still continue to hire and sell our VMS and ITS solutions across the UK, Ireland, Europe and the Middle East and look forward to working with you in 2016. Peace and goodwill to you all.