Preventing hazardous rear end crashes - MVMS advanced queue detection

October 06 2014

MVMS offer a queue warning system for roadwork’s which is completely solar powered and portable and can therefore be deployed quickly providing advance warning at key decision points upstream of problem areas.

This temporary ITS solution is particularly effective where traffic is reduced to one lane along a busy and often congested route. The presence of Heavy Goods Vehicles further highlights the need for effective queue warning. The advanced queue warning function is unique to our ITS solution. The MVMS temporary ITS solution serves a vital function through busy roadwork’s, providing 'real time' journey information and queue warning to prevent serious or fatal crashes.

Our temporary ITS Equipment includes Variable Message Signs, traffic sensors and CCTV camera trailers. All our hardware is trailer mounted, solar powered and portable, so perfect for temporary deployment. MVMS can conduct Journey Time analysis in real time with several types of sensors (Bluetooth, Microwave, Doppler, etc.), at key points through roadwork’s. For example, we can place sensors every mile along a route and have data points all the way though a road work zone. Sensors are on a mobile platform and can be moved around as the job progresses. We can do advanced queue warning with the same sensors, reducing rear end crashes. The sensors also provide per lane detection, including traffic volume and speed. Our JamLogic ITS software can process all the data and send it to the variable message signs, website and e-alerts.

The VMS signs then display ‘Stopped Traffic/Queue Warning’, ‘Journey time’ and ‘Alternative Route’ messages to provide advance information to motorists at key points along a route. This complete mobile journey information system approach is only offered by our ITS solution. The road contractor and traffic control centre then have full access to the real-time data and video to assist in timely incident management.

In summary

  • MVMS offer Journey Time with several types of sensors (Bluetooth, Microwave, Doppler, etc…)

  • MVMS offer Journey Time with sensors every mile, and have data points all the way through the work zone

  • MVMS can conduct advance queue warning with the same sensors, preventing rear end crashes

  • MVMS offer per lane detection, volume, speeds etc.

  • Sensors are on a mobile, solar powered platform which can be moved around as roadwork’s progress

  • JamLogic ITS software can process all the data and send it to a message board, website or via e-alerts on a smartphone