Mobile VMS offers the complete ITS solution!

February 06 2012

MVMS offer the complete mobile traffic management solution for road works or large scale events. This includes variable message signs, mobile sensor trailers (CCTV, microwave and radar) and JamLogic traffic management software for 'real-time' journey reporting and updates.

Already an established leader in the supply of mobile variable message signage and sensor hardware, MVMS can also offer complete integration of all hardware with their unique patented JamLogic software.
Now a bespoke turnkey solution, Mobile VMS offers a complete 'Smart' Road Works system that includes hardware and the company’s 'JamLogic' software.

A unique ITS solution, 'Jamlogic' pushes and pulls traffic data from existing sensors and cameras and shares it with motorists and highway traffic management teams. Traffic data can automatically be routed to variable message signs, informing motorists of road work zones, congestion, traffic merge information, alternative routes and estimated drive times.

'Jamlogic' has the ability to fully integrate with other data services, enriching its data pool.

'Jamlogic' can also be used for fleet management, tracking, updating and maintaining mobile variable message signs and sensor trailers over a large geographic area from a central traffic hub or remotely via PC, tablet, or Smart phone.