I have been Managing Director of the company since 2016 when my father John McAteer retired. The last few years have been a baptism of fire and I’ve loved every minute of it. Rising to the challenges of leadership and a rapidly changing Highways industry has been a humbling experience and I have realised the incredible work and dedication of my team!

Mobile VMS have always made it a mission to stay one step ahead of current technologies and with that, our Variable Message Signs and traffic monitoring and control products and services are always best in class. Whether that is the ability to digitally integrate and collaborate with other solution providers or simply the robust nature of our products, we always ensure delivery excellence with the hire and sale of our market leading solutions.

A key element of our success has been that ability to digitally integrate with almost any third-party data sources through our award winning JamLogic software and provide real-time road critical information display to the motorist. Our product range includes Variable Message Signs, Speed Indication devices, solar mobile lighting towers, CCTV and Solar Mobile Power Platforms, capable of housing connected vehicle comms, weather and air quality emission sensors and traffic radars. With our unique JamLogic software, strength lies in the management capability (reporting, analysis etc.) of our data integration and exchange, enabling Mobile VMS to offer unparalleled roadside communications, alongside our phenomenal solar optimisation and battery life.  

Our knowledge of the UK and Ireland Highways market and unique partnership with US and Canadian market leaders Ver-mac Canada means Mobile VMS stays one step ahead in terms of innovation and investment in R&D technologies. Many of our current UK Highways ITS integrations have originally been developed and perfected in association with large departments of transport in the US and the technologies and software we use are quite often patented and unique to our company. Collaboration with some key industry players has also enabled Mobile VMS to realise innovation through some of the integrated solutions we provide at scheme level. We will never stop trying to realise new ways of transmitting key information to the motorist. 

Day to day, my responsibilities are varied but I wouldn’t have it any other way. The foundations of Mobile VMS had been successfully laid by my father and I felt it was important not only to build on them in the short term, but lead a time of change and phenomenal growth in the longer term.  Every day, I take strategic advice and market insights from my team, ensuring trust and motivation levels are high across the company, from operations to finance. The passion of our team is my number one driver.

In terms of challenges, Mobile VMS has undergone significant change since its inception in 2009, from hiring a few signs with small traffic management companies, to leading large scale deployments of integrated ITS solutions for Smart Motorway schemes with National Highways.  That change and growth has resulted in significant investment in R&D and upskilling of the team. Our recent award of a place on the SMP Alliance 10yr framework, was a major accomplishment for Mobile VMS and the result of our unique offering, and dedication of the team. Mobile VMS have particularly stringent procedures and protocols in place to ensure excellence in delivery across the board. Our no blame culture ensures everyone is valued and understood. Recently, we have invested a lot of time and resources into developing our sustainability goals, particularly around environmental carbon savings and social value. Like any SME or larger organisation, we face challenges but are not constrained by them and have the skillset in place to manage them. I am a true believer in leading by example and learning every day.   

Outside of work, I try to de-stress by walking in the amazing Mourne and Cooley Mountains which border my home. I also have been known to take a mountain bike out for the day, but previous injury and advancing age have left me a little risk averse these days! I now prefer safer activities that involve my kids and we often take our caravan away at the weekends to explore everything Ireland has to offer. If I’m not outside, I can often be found dabbling in various DIY projects and that is probably fuelled by my desire to build and improve in all aspects of my life!