The Mobile VMS team attended this year’s prestigious Highways awards on the 9th October at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London.

The 2019 Highways Awards represented a unique opportunity to celebrate industry success alongside our customers and peers. The event was well attended by nearly 500 industry professionals and Colin Murray was an excellent host, providing much laughter during the evening.

The awards are organised by Highways Magazine and SMART Highways Magazine with a total of 14 winners, from organisations across the UK. Awards were presented by TV and radio presenter Colin Murray and the sponsors of each category.

Dave Wright, former Executive Director of Kier Highways, was given the first ever Highways Lifetime Achievement Award.

Adrian Tatum, director of events for the Highways Awards, said:

‘This year, for each Highways Award winner, we received at least 15 other impressive entries bursting with innovation. This reflects a phenomenal period of an industry always seeking new and better ways to make the UK’s road network safer, greener, and better-maintained. There are also clear benefits of public sector funding and private sector innovation coming together.’