Asset Management Cam

Cloud-based roadwork management camera system
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Asset Management Camera 

Mobile VMS offers a cloud based road work management camera system that allows contractors and authorities to document their projects. We can customise the operating platform, providing tailored security, duration of storage and storage ability depending on the customer requirement.


High definition camera

with integrated WiFi and GPS mounted to windshield

Ease of use

Proximity server with voice feedback makes starting and stopping recordings effortless

Rapid installation

Camera wired to vehicle battery installs in less than 15 minutes

Automatic video transfer

With the history of completed activities including date and time recording

Qick access to cloud-based video storage

Download HD videos from your desktop, tablet or mobile

Interactive video playback features

Dual screen of HD quality video with interactive GPS Google map

How does it work?


Step 1

Videos are recorded via the Dashcam mounted to the vehicle’s windshield

Step 2

When the vehicle returns to the office, the Base Station locates the Dashcam and automatically downloads the videos and sends them to the cloud 


Step 3

The videos are stored in JamLogic Video Storage and Retrieval Application and can easily be accessed from your pc, tablet or smartphone

Step 4

View the video’s utilising Mobile VMS’s Interactive Video Playback Application which provides HD quality videos with a dual interactive GPS Google map

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