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Mobile VMS offer a range of Mobile Variable Message Signs, mobile CCTV, a cloud based asset management camera, mobile sensor trailers (Microwave, Radar Doppler, Bluetooth) and JamLogicTM traffic management software. These products form part of our bespoke temporary ITS (Intelligent Transport System) solution. Our range of products are suitable for all roads or events, where the provision of travel time/ incident information is key to effectively utilising the increasingly busy road network. With bases in Ireland and England, Mobile VMS can service the UK, Ireland and Europeans markets with ease.

Our range of VMS, sensor trailers and CCTV are suitable for all roads or events, where the provision of travel time / incident information is key to effectively utilising the increasingly busy road network. In 1996, Mobile VMS Ltd., continuing a long history of innovation and development started by then parent company PWS Signs, became the first supplier of solar powered mobile variable message signs for sale or hire to the UK, Ireland and European markets. Mobile VMS Ltd. was established to specialise in the provision of Variable Message Signs and Intelligent Transport System (ITS) solutions, serving customers across the Highways industry. With bases in Ireland and England, MVMS can service the UK, Irish and European markets with ease.

Mobile Variable Message Signs Ltd. has endeavoured to provide high quality products with the latest technology innovations and unrivalled aftercare. We continually add to and update our range of mobile variable message signs, mobile traffic sensor trailers, mobile CCTV adnd speed indication products and JamLogicTM traffic management software. Utilising our product range and extensive expertise, Mobile VMS strive to create the safest and most efficient road works environment possible. Our UTMC product range can be fully integrated to provide a complete ITS (Intelligent Transport System) solution, giving the driver or traffic control centre up to date travel time information, alternative route options, real time traffic conditions and many other benefits. Mobile VMS ensure the safest, fastest routes for the road user. This highly portable bespoke technology is particularly suited to a road maintenance upgrade scenario, where existing signage and traffic management measures may be removed or offline for the duration of the works.

Mobile VMS operate across a number of sectors, including traffic management, ITS and Advertising or Events. The highly visible nature of our range of VMS lends itself well to advertising and they have proved hugely successful with companies seeking to promote existing products or as part of targeted campaigns. When our VMS range is combined with our mobile CCTV trailers, we can offer our services to clients planning events or incorporate the technology into site safety & security plans to monitor and inform users. Our VMS can be integrated with our mobile sensor trailers to provide real time traffic and travel information. This information can be accessed and controlled via our JamlogicTM traffic management software or integration with existing traffic control platforms.

Our continued commitment to provide high quality, reliable products and continually develop our range to suit the changing needs of the market, has led us to offer a range of VMS to suit every road work scenario or event, from a compact urban environment to large scale highways. 

MVMS are committed to providing the highest quality products whilst ensuring minimal environmental impact. All our VMS and Traffic Sensors are solar powered with zero emissions, eliminating pollution and saving on fuel costs and maintenance.  

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Here at Mobile VMS, we constantly strive to improve our Customer Service. Recent recruitment of new staff members throughout the UK endeavours to meet the evolving needs and requirements of our Customer base.